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Waterproof Silicone Mouse  AI-E402

waterproof silicone mouse

1,100% silicone material,waterproof mouse

2,comfortable to use,washable

3,dustproof,durable and reaction sensitive

4,industrial mouse moisture prevention

5,resistance:IP67(protect against long periods of immersion between 15cm and 1m) and IP68(protect against long periods of immersion under pressure)

6,silicone mouse application

7,there are many applications for our waterproof dustproof mouse,including Hospital,Office,Factory,Laboratory,Library,Military,Automotive industry,Garage,Work shop.



fully sealed silicone mouse,dustproof ,waterproofand chemical resistance

cleaned by water,alcohol or disinfectant

medical mouse is durable

thin and ergonomic design

USB connector


cable length:1.4m


working temperature:-20 to +50 centigrade