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silicone snore stopper  AI-H1012

medical silicone snore stopper

physical medicine treatment
anti eliminate sonring
high-tech medical silicone materials with ingenious


The blue sea snore stopper is a kind of medical equipment approved by SFDA.It has abtained natioanl patent.the number of the paten is ZL2004200316449 it is made of high technology medical silicone materials with ingenious design principles and unique features. the effect of blue sea snore stopper is vey obvious so that it obtains highly evaluated from the experts .It is a simple way to solve the medical problem of snoring and a new generation products for stopping snoring and quality sleep.

Blue sea snore stopper can regulate the body’s normal physiological function based on the system of  therapy that relies on Traditioanl Chinese Medicine.By nerve conduction,the temperature of mucosa in nasal cavity is lower and capillary contraction,theryby enabling opening of the nasalcavity. At the same time ,the soft palate and pharyngeal muscles maintain an appropriate tension to motivate the contraction of pharyngeal muscle so that people can breathe better and be away with the voice of snoring .


high technology medical silicone materials with ingenious design principles and unique features




One in gift box,100sets /carton

Ctn Meas:

Length67  cm,width28  cm,height22  cm

N/G W:


Ctnr Qty:

 20FCL:67800  40FCL: 135600   40HQ:164700