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Silicone cover the production process

Silicone cover is the main raw materials, high temperature vulcanized rubber molding process by molding and vulcanization of silicone rubber products produced.

Ordinary silicone cover and subject to the following working procedure :

* Raw material preparation

Including raw rubber mixing, color matching, the weight of raw materials, etc.

* Vulcanization molding

After curing equipment using high pressure high temperature curing, so that raw material into a solid silicone molding

 * To Flash:

 Removal from the mold in the silicone sets out a number of products will be accompanied useless flash, borings, need to remove; Currently, the industry, this process be completed entirely by hand, some plants also useful to press to complete.

 * Screen :

This process only in some silicone cover silicone cover the surface of patterned products, such as black silicone mobile phone cover, in order to facilitate the operation of the user keys that often require printing in the appropriate position corresponding to characters with the phone keypad.

* Surface Treatment :

Dust surface treatment including the use of air guns, fuel injection; Silicone products in the ordinary state is easily absorbed by dust in the air and has a certain viscosity. Set in silicone spray on the surface of a thin layer of handle oil, both anti-dust they can feel assured. •

*Other :

Other processes include the business of the silicone sleeve to give some additional features, such as laser engraving, P + R synthesis, optimization of packaging, and other materials and components for assembly